Simple Solutions, Profound Impact
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Security Solutions in Colorado

About Us
C-IX is a security and communications company located in Pueblo, Colorado. We've designed, installed, and supported accounts throughout the state since 2001. Our company mantra is "Simple Solutions, Profound Impact", which is indoctrinated into every design and installation we perform. The vast majority of our products and services leverage network technologies for unparalleled security, flexibility, and performance.
lock - security systems in Pueblo, CO
Business Meeting - Security Consultations in St. Pueblo, CO
Security Consultations
We fully understand that one size seldom ever fits all, and that our clients often require a personalized approach to their security. Our network of security professionals can help to assess your needs, and provide a customized action plan to address those needs.
CCTV installation - Security Consultations in St. Pueblo, CO
C-IX Installers
C-IX Installers are trained and certified for the solutions we represent. Our installations not only perform their intended duties, but are very clean and well documented. Both on and off site, our support teams conduct themselves in a professional manner, and provide a quick and thorough resolution to support issues.
Installation Plan - Security Consultations in St. Pueblo, CO
C-IX Project Management
Though we prefer to perform our own installations, logistically it doesn't always make sense. We often remotely assist electricians and IT professionals in the installation of our systems. Our agents will need to be on site for system milestones, but your local labor can be leveraged for the bulk of the installation.