Networked Surveillance, access Control, & Intrusion

Simple Solutions, Profound Impact - C-IX has provided enterprise-grade security solutions throughout Colorado since 2001. We were early adopters of network-based solutions due to their extreme flexibility, accessibility, predictability, and reliability. Traditional analog systems based on matrix architectures have a fixed number of inputs and outputs which inhibit growth, especially when considering the dynamic nature of Colorado's Marijuana industry. As your business grows, and as the performance requirements mandated by the State of Colorado evolve, it's important your system/s are flexible enough to remain in compliance.


Streamlined Interface - Our powerful, easy-to-use, streamlined interface provides intuitive and powerful functions to manage any C-IX installation, regardless of size. It’s easily optimized to meet the unique requirements of the operator. Advanced investigation tools combined with an easy-to-navigate video timeline enables our users to examine incidents quickly and accurately. Sophisticated export options consolidate relevant video evidence for a complete overview of incidents. Compatible with Windows, Android, Apple, and HTML5 browsers.

Robust Hardware - Our robust, enterprise grade hardware provides fast and reliable access to your surveillance content. At a minimum, our servers house 45+ days of high-resolution, high-frame-rate data. Designed with flexibility in mind, our modular architecture will grow with your business. 


Remote Monitoring and Support - Our remote monitoring and support solution keeps your systems online and performing at their best when it matters most. Our "Service 360" support program guarantees a prompt and thorough response to support requests and/or automatically generated alerts. One year of "Service 360" is included with every purchase.